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View of the Amazon at high water


Dawn on the Amazon


Mirrored forest


Observation deck


Dining Room


Comfortable lounge


Luxury suite


Night time view of Aria Amazon

Aria Amazon, Peru

Luxury cruising along the mighty Amazon River in Peru

Price available on request, together with flights and transfers, as part of a tailor-made tour of Peru

Discover life on and around the waters of the mighty Amazon aboard the 44 metre Aria Amazon, offering first class service, fine dining, luxurious accommodation and expert guides providing rich narrative detail. 

Choose from 3, 4 or 7 nights.


Sixteen luxurious and spacious state rooms, all with floor-to-ceiling glass windows looking out over the river, well-appointed bathrooms with showers and hot water around the clock.

The Journey

Voyages aboard Aria Amazon depart from the port city of Iquitos. Choose from 3, 4 or 7 night itineraries every Monday and Friday. Itineraries vary depending on low (June to October) and high water (November to May) season. Daily water-based excursions on comfortable launch boats allow guests to experience such wonders as pink dolphins and six-foot-wide water lilies, to fish for sharp-toothed piranha, and to interact with the people who live out their days along the river. Expert guides provide rich narrative detail about life along the Amazon as they visit little-known areas such as the remote Pacaya Samiria Reserve. Twice the size of Yellowstone Park, it teems with wildlife and aquatic life including the endangered pink Amazon dolphin, black caiman, and three-toed sloth.

Facilities & Services

Aria Amazon has an indoor bar-Lounge, dining room, outside lounge, outdoor Jacuzzi, exercise room, rooftop observation deck and boutique. Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of Peru's star chefs, created the Aria Amazon's gourmet menu. Fine South American wines are

included at every meal.

Weather & Seasons

The Aria Amazon operates throughout the year and every voyage is uniquely appealing, based on the changing seasons. During the wetter season from December to May, the river and estuaries grow, allowing launch boats to venture deeper into the flooded forest. During the 'drier' season from June to November, the river recedes and beautiful sandy river beaches form.

Getting Here

Voyages aboard Aria Amazon depart from the port city of Iquitos, a 2 hour domestic flight from Lima.

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